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Custom walk-in closet | Basement closet | Laundry closet design

We, Closet Solutions, are Chicago area's go-to resource for custom closet design. Our specialty is crafting unique storage options that improve your home's appearance and utility. Our team will help you realize your idea: maximize a posh walk-in closet, use basement space for tidy storage, or design a useful and practical laundry closet.

Our Custom Walk-in Closets

We make your walk-in closet your personal space that shows your style, keeps your things organized, and is more than simply a place to keep your clothing. We create elegant yet functional custom walk-in closets that utilize the available area to the fullest.

We make a design that optimizes space and usefulness while remaining consistent with your preference.

We always utilize the best materials to build our walk-in closets. Choose from various finishes, including traditional wood and contemporary laminates, for long-lasting durability and a sumptuous look.

Our walk-in closets include unique storage solutions, including adjustable shelves, built-in drawers, shoe racks, and accessory organizers. These features are intended to keep your goods well-organized and easily accessible.

Proper lighting and carefully positioned mirrors will improve the usefulness and atmosphere of your walk-in closet. We provide integrated lighting systems and unique mirrors to make your closet attractive and functional.

Add amenities like a built-in vanity, a sitting space, or a tailored island to make your walk-in closet your private oasis. These finishing touches give your closet a luxurious feel and make it a comfortable place to begin and end the day.

Custom Closets for Basements

Although frequently used as catch-all storage spaces, basements may be made into handy, well-organized places with the correct design. We specialize in creating custom closets that suit your storage needs out of unused basement spaces.

Our Custom Basement Closets' provide

Maximum use of Space

We measure the area in your basement and determine the ideal configuration to optimize storage. Our designs maximize the space available by considering every nook and corner.

Moisture-proof material

We use materials that resist mold and mildew in basements, which often have moisture issues. Our moisture-resistant solid laminates and coatings are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Adjustable Storage Options

Our basement closets offer different storage options, such as hanging racks, bins, cabinets, and shelves. These choices are designed to help you keep things organized, whether you need to store extra home items, sports gear, or seasonal belongings.

Organization and Accessibility

In our closet designs for basement storage, we focus on making it easy to find and retrieve items using pull-out shelves, labeled bins, and modular components. This helps ensure that the storage space is accessible and sensibly arranged.

Custom Laundry Closets

Laundry closets frequently struggle with their tight spaces and demanding functionalities. Custom laundry closets from Closet Solutions are orderly, effective, and made to match your house's specifications.

User-friendly Layouts

We begin by assessing the space available and your washing routines. In our designs, every component, including ironing boards, laundry baskets, washers, and dryers, is positioned for optimal use and efficiency.

Options for Storage

Our laundry closets have ample storage space with built-in cupboards, shelves, and drawers for detergents, fabric softeners, and other materials. We also provide fold-away drying racks and pull-out hampers to organize your laundry room.

Sturdy and Cleanable Materials

Laundry facilities need materials that are resistant to moisture and repeated usage. We work with long-lasting, easily maintained surfaces that hold up over time in terms of both look and usefulness.

Practical Work Areas

Adding elements like hanging rods, worktops, and folding stations can transform your laundry closet into a proper workstation. These components keep everything organized and help you do laundry more quickly.

Chic Style

A practical room can be fashionable. We provide a variety of design choices and finishes to transform your laundry closet into an aesthetically beautiful space in your house.

Our designers create a detailed layout for your new closet. This lets you review the proposed layout and make any necessary changes before construction begins. On the scheduled day, our skilled installers begin the installation process.

They take care of everything, from assembling the components to ensuring everything is securely fastened and properly aligned. After the installation, we walk you through a final check to ensure your satisfaction. We also provide maintenance tips to help your new closet look great for years to come.

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