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Closet Solution is your go-to provider if you are looking for Closet experts in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We specialize in designing custom walk-in closets that improve your house's utility, organization, and beauty. Our skilled team is committed to providing exceptional service and artistry, ensuring that your storage solutions match your specific requirements and preferences.

We focus on quality above all else. We use only high-quality materials to ensure your custom closet is strong, attractive, and long-lasting. Our range includes a variety of finishes, colors, and hardware options to match your preferences and enhance the beauty of your home.

We incorporate unique storage solutions into our designs to maximize space and organization. Our practical and creative storage solutions cater to any need, from adjustable shelves and custom-made drawers to specialized racks and hooks.

Our Custom Walk-in Closets

Walk-in closets provide the utmost elegance and functionality, with plenty of room to organize your clothes and accessories. Closet Solutions designs and installs unique walk-in closets that are both functional and stylish. We consider each of your preferences when we create your closets.

Central islands provide extra storage and counter space for folding clothes or arranging accessories. Built-in vanities are vanity units with mirrors and lights for grooming and cosmetics. Designs are tailored to your walk-in closet's specific size and layout. Integrated lighting improves visibility and adds elegance. Accessory organizers store belts, ties, jewelry, and other accessories.


In addition to walk-in closets, we provide various customized closet designs to meet various requirements and areas. Here is an overview of the different sorts of closets that we design and install.

Bedroom closets

We design stylish yet functional bedroom closets so you can keep your things organized. This will make finding your clothes, shoes, and accessories easier. We install adjustable shelves and custom drawers for your clothes and accessories.For your shoes, use racks and drawers, and consider using organizers for your belts, ties, and jewelry to keep everything in order.

Customized Pantry closets

It is best to keep your kitchen pantry well-organized to function correctly. Our custom-made pantry cabinets help keep your food and kitchen supplies neatly arranged.

Experience the convenience of adjustable shelves to accommodate various items, pull-out baskets, and drawers for effortless access, additional storage space behind pantry doors, and specialized storage solutions for spices, wines, and other essentials.

Living Room Closets

We create stylish and practical living room closets to store entertainment and decoration items. Our closets are designed to match your existing decor. They include custom cabinets for TVs, game consoles, and media collections, built-in shelves for books, decorations, and personal items, discreet storage solutions to keep clutter hidden, and integrated lighting to enhance your living space's functionality.

Custom Basement Storage

We have storage solutions for basements designed to make the most of this valuable space. Our materials are resistant to moisture, ensuring durability in basement conditions. We offer customizable cabinets and shelving to fit your basement's layout, catering to seasonal items, sports equipment, and more. Our designs focus on easy access to stored items.

Customized Commercial Closets

We provide customized storage solutions for businesses. Organized storage is essential in various business settings. For office storage, we offer cabinets and shelves to store files, supplies, and equipment. Our retail displays are designed to showcase products attractively and practically. We also provide employee lockers for securely storing personal belongings and utility closets for organized storage of cleaning materials and maintenance items.

Why Closets Solutions?

Our team works directly with you to understand exactly what your idea of a perfect closet is. We are committed to providing you with the best outcome and designing unique yet functional closets of all types to suit different budgets. From affordable to lavish, we have it all.

Our team awaits your call. We will schedule a consultation so we can get a clear idea of what you want. You can call us at 708-979-3298 or request a quote.


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